About Us

Anania Mothers and Children Specialized Medical Center was initially established in 1996 as Menaheria Higher Clinic. After years of successful operation, we turned our focus to women’s healthcare and making a positive impact on improving maternal and newborn care in Ethiopia. In 2001, Menaheria became Anania Mothers and Childrens Clinic. The majority of our work is being done in emergency obstetric care, maternal and newborn care, and follow-up pediatrics. In the 18 years since our inception, we have established ourselves as one of the leading comprehensive medical service providers for women and children. It is our goal to take an active part in reducing maternal mortality rates by extending our reach to Addis Ababa’s surrounding cities.


W ith recent expansion to a brand new facility, we are continuing to increase our medical capacity using new equipments and dedicated medical professionals and support staff. We have and will always remain committed to being at the forefront of women’s healthcare by providing innovative and inclusive support to women and children. At Anania our source of pride is knowing we make an impact on the lives of our patients. We always go above and beyond in the interest of providing quality care and learning, for both our patients and our staff.

Our Vision

Our vision is to always be at the forefront of women's and children's healthcare by providing quality and innovative service to all of our patients and to increase Anania's capacity in order to make a significant impact on the future of Ethiopia.

Our Mission

We are honored to celebrate pregnancy and childbirth with you. It is our mission to continue to improve the quality service we provide for women and children at all stages of their lives, from examinations to pregnancy and delivery. We recognize the value of every person and are guided by our commitment to excellence and compassion.

Why Choose Us?



Our patients are our priority and we are here to make sure all of your needs are met with best medical care, professionalism and dedication.



Each and every patient and their families are always treated with empathy, sincerity, and respect. We always do our best to make you feel welcome and comfortable.



Pregnancy and parenthood can be challenging and at Anania we are committed to providing you with the best possible medical service from start to finish.



We are constantly improving our service by using the latest technology and equipment to offer quality evaluation, diagnosis and treatment, which has resulted in our continuing success and growth.

Service Offered

In-patient and Outpatient- At Anania, our doctors and other healthcare professionals provide routine and professional service aimed at maintaining the health and well-being of our patients. Our facility offers a wide range of in-patient and outpatient services. For routine medical care, after making an appointment with our receptionist to be seen by one of our doctors, your condition will be professionally and thoroughly evaluated to determine if you will need to be admitted and assigned to one of our 30 comfortable beds in a warm, spacious environment. Through the entirety of your stay you and your family will be treated with respect and dignity by all of our caring staff.

General Practice

Our family doctors provide check-ups, diagnose illnesses, and write prescriptions to aid in treatment. If a patient presents with a condition we are unable to treat or further care is needed, Anania has wide network of well-known, trusted partner specialists that will be able to treat you.


Routine gynecological exams and preventative screenings such as Pap Smears are vital to the health of every woman. With this in mind, our gynecologists will work with you to identify any abnormalities and keep you aware of any complications and teach you how to prevent them in the future.


Our medical staff has several pediatric specialists to attend to your child’s medical needs. We have everything from an on-call cardiologist to preventative screening specialists for infants and children to ensure a healthy future for our leaders of tomorrow.

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy and motherhood is different for everyone and Anania’s staff recognizes that all patients have different needs. That is why our doctors are always available for consultations and medical supervision for prenatal care to closely monitor both mother and baby’s health throughout the pregnancy.

Family Planning and Counseling

Planning is an important part of the journey into motherhood. We have trained counselors that provide a tailored service to each family that helps plan according to your lifestyle.

Emergency Delivery and Maternal Care

We recognize that every patient and their needs during pregnancy are unique. Not all deliveries can be planned. That is why we specialize in and provide on-call maternal care and are prepared for emergency deliveries 24 hours, 7 days a week, with a fully equipped and knowledgeable staff.

Neonatal ICU

In the unlikely event of complications during delivery, Anania has a full-equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our neonatal professionals will use the best equipment available such as; our infant incubator, CPAP equipment, and phototherapy machines to provide love and care for our tiniest patients.


New to our facility is an on-site x-ray machine with a digital monitor to aid in in-depth diagnosis and to follow your progress and recovery from previous treatment.


Anania is proud to offer ultrasounds using the latest available technology to provide you with the first look at your new baby. Our doctors will check the age, position, and monitor your baby’s growth and development. We also offer routine prenatal ultrasounds screening for fetal abnormalities.

Laboratory Service

Our on-site lab is fully equipped with the latest devices to determine your diagnosis with accuracy so that your doctor may proceed with the best possible treatment, regardless of condition.

Pharmacy Service

Our on-site pharmacy is stocked with both over-the-counter and prescription medications to ensure you receive the best and most thorough treatment. A visit to our pharmacy is very efficient and we provide counseling on new medications, as well as drug information services.

Ambulance Service

Anania has emergency services on stand-by 24 hours, 7 days a week should you require immediate transport.

Please contact us at +251-11-56-43-16

Our Team

At Anania, we are motivated by the belief that our patients and their families deserve a caring and compassionate staff during their time of medical need. That is why our staff of 130 plus full-time employees has joined together to provide a comprehensive and personalized experience to over 500 patients weekly. It is our main focus to collaborate and provide patient-centered care to every person who walks through our doors.


Ms. Genet Sidamo

Hospital Director


Dr. Abdulhakim Ahmed

(MD, Pediatrician)

Chief Pediatrician


Dr. Melat Kassahun


General Medical Practitioner


Mr. Abraham Mulatu


Finance and Administration Manager


Dr. Genene Mammo


Senior OB-GYN


Nurse Fikre Dawit

(BSc, Midwife)

Chief Midwife


Dr. Habtamu Argaw Azanaw


Medical Director


Dr. Mekdes Daba


Senior OB-GYN


Nurse Ayinadis Atersaw

NICU Nurse

Equipment and Facility